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With a unique relationship with Children's Hospital and their Amputee Clinic. Xrays are taken to insure that the alignment and height are exactly perfect. With access to the top pediatric orthopedic surgeons in the nation dealing with kids and prosthetics, we provide the most up to date care there is. Over 17 years of pediatric prosthetics care has given us the skills that it takes to care for your children.



​Infants and children require a specialized approach to their prosthetic care and depend on their parents and their prosthetic providers to patiently take care of their needs during these growing years. Limited communication skills along  with rapid rates of physical growth means that pediatric patients require more careful observation of their progress.

Prosthetic patients between the ages of 9 months and about 18 years will require prosthetic adjustments and lengthening about every 3 months, possibly a new socket once a year. For continued care kids should be evaluated by their clinician every six months, with careful monitoring by a parent or caregiver in between visits. 

Our clinics offers all pediatric services:

  • Upper and lower limb/extremity prosthetics, typically due to birth defect, accident or disease resulting in amputation.

  • Specialized prosthetic adaptive or activity-specific prosthesis devices. For example, custom adaptations can be fabricated for musical instruments, swimming, basketball, baseball, or fishing.


Children are often times much more adaptable than adults. That is why infants who are born with a missing or partial limb, or children who lost a limb through cancer or traumatic amputation, should be evaluated by a prosthetist as soon as possible. Fitting children for lower limb prosthetics starts when the child starts to stand around 6-9 months. Upper extremity should be fit with in the first two years to increase the except-ability of the prosthesis.


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