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This year we were able to get two lucky Patients of ours into Running Prosthesis

With donations from CA and Endevor Project for the blades and OPS contributions of sockets these two kids were blessed with the gift of a full independent running leg.


The Concept

Here at Orthotic Prosthetic Solutions our goal is to give our patients everything they need to overcome any obstacles in life.  On this great day we were able to give six of our pediatric patients the ability to overcome an obstacle we all take for granted.  RUNNING!


With a partnership with Adam O "The game changer" foot manufacturer, donating all running blades.

Össur- a prosthetic manufacturer donating components.

SPS -support with soft goods and components.

OPS- donating all sockets to each child.


Amazing day with kids running for the first time on their very own individual designed running prosthetics .  With just a little coaching by us each one of the kids was running with in 15 minutes and enjoying life.

The B-BOLD Empowered Adaptive Living sponsorship

The Concept

Here at Orthotic Prosthetic Solutions our goal is to give our patients ever opportunity to strive.  With the B-Bold program we connected to  a local facility that empowers people with a disability and allows them the ability to work out with other like individuals to gain strength, balance and a connection to the adaptive community.

We sponsored some of our clients in the  program to help give them the next step to their rehabilitation.  This unique environment allows them to over come and accomplish goals that they could have never imagined.


The individuals who went threw the program had tremendous feed back not only with physical gains but mental ones as well.  "The ability to work out and connect with other individuals in my same situation was priceless." 


The Concept

Looking for ever opportunity we are trying to connect with local outlets to get our patients involved in activities to rebuild there lives.  This was one of those times, a new program is opening up for competitive shooting.  

We sponsor any athlete that will need an adaptive device in order to obtain the best results..

Sister Stans Children

The Concept

Sister Stan's Children, Inc: Sister Stan's Children is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) public charity based out of Nashville, Tennessee and charged with the mission of supporting Sister Stan Terese M. Mumuni and the Marian Sisters of Eucharistic Love (MASEL) in their efforts to build and operate an orphanage to care for the rejected "spirit children" of Northern Ghana who would otherwise be rejected or ritually killed. In this mission, this organization will participate in awareness building and education, in fund-raising, both individually and through grant-writing, and in tracking progress of the building project and keeping you informed!

Here at OPS we have sponsored one of Sisters Children for the past 5 years.  Here name is Precious. We met Precious though a wonderful young girl named Whitney, who at a very young age brought Precious to the United States, impressing everyone by doing it all herself .  With our connection to the Children s Hospital and its Amputee Clinic we are able to donate all of her prosthetics and will continue as long as she has needs.

20190620_092734 (1).jpg
5280 Challenge

5280 is a great nonprofit orginization to help people with disabilities get out and compete at any level from beginner to Paralympic tryouts



** Colorado Association - USATF Masters Outdoor Championship **

** Colorado Association - USATF Para Athletics Championship **



Smiling Faces Ministry

Another patient of OPS has started a non profit to help those in need.  We are spotlighting this charity in hopes to bring awareness to this new organization.

Smiling Faces Ministry started in October 2017. 

The Lord has opened doors to assist financially in dinning rooms to feed homeless and very poor children in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. We are also helping a nursing home "Casa de Dios" (God's house). 

< Pablo & Leonor Jiminez, founders

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